May 1

Hurricane did more then the Team expected (⊙_⊙)

The wolves howl, No leaves on trees. The Wind making the trees Howl it was coming. Whats coming? THE HURRICANE! ITS ALREADY HIT… Silence in the forest No howling trees not talking people.

The next day the Search team went to look for these four people when they reached a strange destination a tree leaning over with a river behind.

“Did this hurricane do more then we expected?” Requested a Team Member.

“Must have” replied another,

Whats with the moon its too yellow then normal? Its fine you carry on to much!

Weeks had past, The four people still out there somewhere in among Wreckage.

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1 thoughts on “Hurricane did more then the Team expected (⊙_⊙)

  1. Mrs Pratt (Post author)

    It sounds very mysterious indeed! I thought you created an excellent [and rather disturbing] atmosphere in your story, well done.

    Be careful when using the thesaurus: although I applaud your effort in trying to find interesting verbs such as “requested”, the meaning of requested does not fit with your context. To request something means to ask for something in an official way (for example, “the principal requested that parents do not enter classrooms during the Covid-19 pandemic”). In your sentence, “questioned” or “enquired” or even “reflected” would have made more sense.

    Keep up your wonderful efforts!


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