June 20

Dumbo Needs Help

A distant rumble come from the north River.

Thunder or a stamped you will never know until it gets here.

3 hours later Elephants a group of Elephants theย  leader was wearing a golden crown. The elephant saw me in the middle of the track they stopped as fast as a lightning strike.

The elephant told me his name was Dumbo because everyone thought he was useless when he was not the leader ofย  the group.

Then the elephant delivered his speech… he whined Please can you help me my leg i stepped on a sharp piece of i don’t know what my foot is soreย 

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2 thoughts on “Dumbo Needs Help

  1. caelin567mps

    Hi Morgan
    Your story was funny and interesting I would like to find out what happened to the characters foot, Great Job.
    From Caelin.๐Ÿ˜Š


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