August 22

The titanic story.2

Titanic Sunk lower and lower towards the bottom of the sea. The water Was Frozen Like Antarctica.

the Carpathia was on its way towards where titanic was last seen. The people who lived (might have lived) Must Be Excited to be rescued by the Carpathia, The Yellow RubberLife boats were not far gone from the floating people. It was reaching TwilightWhen the Carpathia Picked everyone that was alive up. They finally got to go home and stay safe while The Titanic Sat at the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen or heard of again. Titanic was now gone forever…

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1 thoughts on “The titanic story.2

  1. Mrs Pratt

    Well Morgan, I can’t believe how handy that word, “frozen” came in for you and your story!! That Titanic story is so powerful…


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